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logo medCafe demonstrates how to change the way clinicians view health care records. Using an intuitive interface, clinicians can build exactly the patient record they want to see. Built for flexibility, medCafe demonstrates how clinicians need no longer be constrained by a fixed user interface design.
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medCafe Approach: Advantages for the Individual Clinician

  • Provides clinicians with the right tools and right resources at the right time
  • Allow users to quickly build, modify, and customize the patient record
  • Can save the record, to be able to immediately view on next patient visit
  • Can view data from multiple sources and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, all in one interface
  • Templates for common use cases : Allows for quick start or build and share personal templates
  • Designed to change and evolve with changing patient needs
  • Demonstrates a more efficient way for clinicians to view patient data

medCafe Approach: Advantages for the Health Care Organizations

  • Can start small, grow functionality over time focusing on the highest priority capabilties first
  • Can add new data sources as they become available
  • Can help design new components as new capabilities are envisioned
  • System adaptable to changing circumstances and processes
  • Framework allows for ease of system evolution
  • Allows for Best of Breed of components: Better components can replace existing ones at any time
  • Demonstrates a more effective way to build a system for diverse users with evolving requirements

medCafe Mission

medCafe is a research project funded by The MITRE Corporation to explore the viability of specific system design principles for EHR access. By building a functioning prototype we were able to determine both the feasibility of the approach and show the results to clinicians to determine how well the approach worked.

Being an FFRDC, MITRE has released this code under an open source license with the hope that others will explore and expand our solution and approach and build a fully-functioning EHR from it.

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